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Election System Shift In Motion, House Bill 394 Replaces Electoral College With Popular Vote

by  | Feb 14, 2017 

  Progressive Democrats are working to eliminate the electoral college one state at a time! 
 Pring to eliminate the electoral college one state at a ogressive Democrats are work

It appears Progressive Democrats are going from state to state pushing for state legislation that will ignore the electoral college system in lieu of the popular vote. What is the real agenda in these tactics?
The DNC has been pushing to get rid of the electoral college voting system since the Bush/Gore Florida fiasco in 2001, and Americans on both sides of the isle have jumped on this liberal issue train.
But garnering enough support for a Constitutional Amendment is difficult since it will need to be passed by two thirds of the states, a feat that is unlikely to happen. Or is it?
Current Progressive Democrat sponsored legislation is moving through the Montana State House and will change the way electoral votes are delegated in the next presidential election if adopted.
House Bill 394, which is sponsored by state Rep. Willis Curdy (D-Missoula) has a bunch of Montanans up in arms, with an email circulating throughout the state urging citizens to tell House representatives to throw out the bill.
According to reports from MT KTVQ news station, if passed, the predominately Republican state’s three electoral votes will not go to the choice candidate voted for by Montana citizens, it will go to whoever wins the national popular vote.
For instance, if this bill were in place during the 2016 election, Hillary Clinton would have received Montana’s three electoral votes even though President Trump won the state with nearly 60 percent of the vote to Hillary’s 36 percent.
What you ask? How is this fair to voters in Montana? How is it fair the majority of Montanans’ votes could be given to the candidate that lost in their state? How is ethical to suppress the majority votes of thousands because largely populated states like California and New York chose a different candidate?
How is such legislation even Constitutional? And Montana is not the only state involved in this cherry picking by the DNC; eleven other states have already passed similar legislation. A very quiet movement is taking place to manipulate the electoral college vote and one the Main Stream Media isn’t reporting.
Other states whose legislators have chosen to ignore the Constitution are the District of Columbia, Hawaii, Illinois, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Jersey, Washington, Vermont, California, Rhode Island, and New York.
“The states that have already passed legislation similar to Montana’s HB 394 account for 165 of the nation’s 538 electoral votes,” reports KTVQ’s website. And with only 270 electoral votes needed to capture the presidency, Progressive liberals have already secured over half.
Outside of Montana, all of these states are predominately Blue States and would vote for a Democrat anyway, so why would the DNC cherry pick these particular states? Could it be they are fearful of a revolt like they saw in the 2016 election when they lost “sure” states like Michigan, Wisconsin, and Pennsylvania, to President Trump?
Or are they slowly working their way through states in setting up for a future battle to amend the Constitution?
Whatever the motives are one thing is certain, Progressive Democrats want to force their California liberal idealism and agenda onto every state in the country, with no regard or respect for the citizens living within that state or their decisions on what is best. This is not this writer’s “theory” it is a fact.
Liberals re-introduced wolves into Montana and the wolf population is overtaking the state and activists protest a hunt to cull them!  Liberals re-introduced wolves into Montana and the wolf population is overtaking the state threatening elk populations and liberal activists protest the legal state law for a controlled hunt!
As they do in other states, for years Montanans have been invaded by Progressive liberals out of California who organize and “bus” in protestors to the state capital to pressure legislators to do whatever is “their” will.
A very rural state with a sparse population of a little over a million people, Montanans have a very libertarian approach of live and let live. But when it comes to outsiders coming in to change their culture and way of doing things, traditional Montanans who battled the harsh elements over a century ago will buck like a bronco.
Relying heavily on outdoor activities like fishing and hunting, the state has been attacked by liberal CA animal rights activists who seek to shut down the industry that brings billions into the economy. Outside lobbyists and environmental extremist groups come in seeking to shut down the oil and coal industry. And being one of the largest beef producing regions in the world, PETA and vegan liberals invade on a regular basis to influence agricultural policies with the goal of eliminating the beef industry.
As in other small rural states, Progressive liberals have deluged the state with “like minded” outsiders through “government” job relocations, state college administrations ,and “foundations” in order to dominate the voting population, as has been the case in once conservative areas like Missoula and Helena.
And one cannot even begin to fathom the billions of outside liberal dollars being poured into states’ election processes and lobbying efforts. And they want to cry about Russia “meddling” into our elections?
And is all fairness the same is true with conservative influence peddling like the Koch brothers.
Do we see the pattern here? Don’t the American people realize their lives and well-being are not on the agendas of those who want to ‘transform” the system? Do we as a people not see these are tactics to instill a tyrannous system in which a few will control the masses?
The Founding Fathers were wise in creating a system in which the minority would be protected from the overreach and oppression of the majority. Progressive liberals pervert  this “idealism” to manipulate the system with race baiting, and forcing social engineering changes in marriage, “bathroom choice” and other agendas that go against the cultures of states whose majority of people adhere to more conservative traditions.
But when it comes to the minority voters located in rural and sparsely populated states, these same Progressive liberals want to silence their voices and discount their votes when it comes to the presidential election. Why?
Progressive Democrats are pushing the false notion the electoral college is voter suppression, when actually the electoral college gives an equal voice for all states!  
Progressive Democrats are pushing the false notion the electoral college is voter suppression, when actually the electoral college gives ALL states an equal voice in the Presidential election!
Because they understand that if left to the huge popular vote states like California and New York, those states will decide who the leader of the nation’s highest office will be. So if you throw out the electoral college system then you might as well not even have an election in places like Montana, North and South Dakota, Kentucky, and other smaller states who are only a minuscule dot on a very large voting map.
A map that benefits California and New York by the sheer numbers of votes in the huge populations if it weren’t for the pesky little thing called the electoral college.
Eliminating the electoral college will ensure the Democrats the presidency for centuries to come and liberal agendas being fully implemented in every state. It will strip every right under the 10th Amendment giving authority to states and the voices of citizens living in that state. At least those that have not already been eroded by activist liberal judges.
The Founding Fathers created the electoral college system as one measure of many outlined in the Constitution to protect the populous from a tyrannous government of a few imposing its will on the masses.
Understanding that people of like moral values and social thinking will flock together, Washington, Jefferson, Franklin and others designed a system in which the majority of governance would be left up to the states and the citizens residing in those states. And they were right. All one has to do is look at the political outlay of Red States and Blue States and where they stand on political and social issues.
Progressive Democrats targeting state legislations to enact laws to ignore the Constitution!  
More and more as those distinct state social cultures have attempted to enforce their “values” onto other states with their own distinct values, chaos and political division has swelled up; a division that career politicians promote and incite. The biggest fear of elitists on both sides of the aisle, Democrat and Republican, is a united people.
Unless the American people open their eyes to these malicious deceitful tactics being used against the populous this perfect union will crumble; it will fall just as the Roman Empire fell centuries ago.
Do not allow this latest tactic to succeed in quietly “transforming” the system. It is time we turn control back over to the states and the citizens and let Californians be Californians and Montanans be Montanans and all the rest of the states be whatever their citizens choose; simply return to agreeing to disagree. And limit the federal government to its original intended purposes of national defense of the states and overseeing commerce and trade.
If the American people fails to do so, then these elitists will win and the “system” they intend to rule with will be one NO ONE will like, regardless of individual opinions and views.

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