Friday, February 12, 2016

Iowa Caucus Fraud: Trump Wins by Landslide

Iowa Caucus Fraud: Trump Wins by Landslide
Iowa Caucus Fraud Microsoft

Just days after the Iowa Caucus, reliable sources have reported that the voting software used to report and calculate caucus results was rigged. The software was created and powered by Microsoft as described on their blog. InfoWars and Breitbart News are among some of the sources of this information. We asked some of our hacking sources to confirm and lo and behold, the truth comes out. There are hackers on both sides of the political field and sources from both sides confirm the results were rigged.

The top 3 results would have looked more like this:
  1. Donald Trump – 48%
  2. Ted Cruz – 29%
  3. Marco Rubio – 12%
The information from the hacker Milo Yiannopoulos provided posits that Trump actually won by a landslide but his votes were reassigned to Rubio. It also cites the fact that Iowa has a “history of fraud” naming the 2012 caucus in which Mitt Romney was declared the winner initially until the final tally determined that Rick Santorum had in fact won. Tell us what you think below in the comments or on social media with the hashtag #MicrosoftFraud.

Some information was taken from this article posted by The Daily Beast.

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