Friday, November 20, 2015

Obama is handing world leadership over to Russia.

Obama is handing world leadership over to Russia.

Doesn’t anyone else see what the heck is going on?  Obama is abdicating world leadership to Russia.  First he allowed Russia to take over the Syria gas issue, then gave Russia the nod to lead the “negotiation” with Iran as to their nuclear projects.  Now instead of invoking article 5 of the NATO agreement, his inaction over the Paris terror attacks, has pushed a NATO member to align with a long time NATAO and free western world’s nemesis.  So Russia is poised to be s European hero and America is out of the picture.  That SOB in the White House is closing the book on America’s stand as world leader.

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  1. America has been the champion of the free world, since WW II. Obama has put Russia in that role. Russia is not a bastion democracy.