Sunday, November 22, 2015

Enemy In The Wire! Wake Up Washington Before Its Too Late…

Enemy In The Wire! Wake Up Washington Before Its Too Late…

imageThe Department of Homeland Security was established in the year 2002. Its job is to protect this nation from any and all threats. How can anyone from Muslim brotherhood be allowed to work for our government. What a slap in the face to be paying the salaries of those who desire to destroy us. How is Mohamed Elibiary on the homeland security advisory council. I know for a fact you have to pass a security clearance to work in certain positions. How was Huma Abedin appointed to be Hillary Clinton’s deputy chief of staff. It is known that she is deeply involved with the Muslim Brotherhood. Anyone even think the Clinton’s aren’t more informed about Benghazi. What is the Muslim Brotherhood some might demand, “Allah is their objective, ” “Quran is their constitution” “Jihad is their wish” and “Death for the sake of Allah.” Death to the infidel which means death to me and you.

These people know everything about our security and a good chance ISIS does too. The Dept of homeland security was created to protect us. We have people inside who wish to destroy us. That’s like putting the KGB in charge of the CIA. We have permitted the enemy to infiltrate our government. Lawmakers you better do something fast. We don’t have time for impeachment proceedings. If you’re afraid of Obama because he is black then stand up to the side of him that’s white. Together we can end this and make sure that it never happens again. These people are hacking the heads off babies. What do you believe they want to do with yours. God Bless each of you, Shep #Marine4Truth      


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