Saturday, November 21, 2015


Obama Openly Declares He Wants to Censor Fox News


Dear Fellow American,

They’re desperate. They’re backed into a corner.
And that makes them doubly dangerous!
The radical Left and the Obama Administration — largely the same people — know their time may be almost up.
And they are taking no chances.
Their very future hangs in the balance. They will do anything — and everything — to cling to power.
And that’s why they are dying to get rid of FOX News!

The radical Left and the Obama Administration are doubling down against FOX News from all sides.

They know they must get rid of FOX News before this next election or risk absolute disaster.
They can no longer afford to have anyone — anyone — tell the truth about their big government, liberty-killing agenda.
That’s why I must ask you to do two things immediately:
  1. Please complete the EMERGENCY PETITION TO SAVE FOX NEWS today. Your views are vitally important if we are to save FOX News from Obama and his leftist minions and…
  2. Please send your best possible financial gift right away to helpThe Tea Party fight back against Obama’s last-ditch, all-out assault on FOX News.
Shadowy leftist forces both within and outside of Washington are massing in strength and are moving in for the big kill while Obama’s Department of Justice is spying on FOX News staff, using unconstitutional warrants and vague tales of criminality to study reporters’ emails and phone records and organized boycotts of FOX News advertisers are working to starve FOX News out of existence.
Just like in Soviet Russia, the Left knows it must silence its opposition before it can brainwash the American people and force us down the path to socialism.
They are out to close down the FOX News Channel.

We must stop them! Please join with me, and millions of our fellow Americans, as we stand up for FOX News by completing the EMERGENCY PETITION TO SAVE FOX NEWS today.

Liberals hate fair and balanced FOX News. It drives them insane. They hate to hear anything that doesn’t parrot their leftist lines exactly.
And that’s doubly so now that they fear losing their iron grip on power.
The 2014 elections were a wake-up call to them. Power is slipping from their grasp. They know they cannot allow that to happen.
Like generations of totalitarian leaders before them, they know that control of the media is essential if they are to brainwash the masses.
And FOX News is all that stands in their way. It really is. There is no other non-leftist TV news channel on the air. They already killed them all.
We must keep this one fair and balanced channel alive. And with the entire might of the massive leftist cabal arrayed against them, there is no time to lose.
You know how important FOX News is to regular Americans. It’s the only one that chastises the government for spying on Americans, or refuses to bury scandals like the IRS and Benghazi. It’s the only channel that discusses both conservative and liberal views. All the others are completely one-sided — and tilt far to the left.
With FOX News, we know we’ll get to hear the other point of view — an antidote to the left wing propaganda pumped out by the ultra liberals at NBC, CNN, MSNBC, PBS, CBS, and even ABC.
But the Left doesn’t like a fair fight. They know they’ll lose. So they call in the Liberal Elite.
Like Hungarian gazillionaire George Soros who wants the little people to live a perfect peasant life while he basks in his wealth and pulls the strings of Big Government.
Soros created a non-profit organization called Media Matters for the prime purpose of smashing FOX News without him getting his own hands dirty.
Glenn Beck called Soros, “the spooky dude” — and he should know.
Glenn’s FOX News show was driven off the air by an advertising boycott organized by Media Matters liberals.
We can’t let them target another great broadcaster. Help me to fight back. Please complete your EMERGENCY PETITION TO SAVE FOX NEWS.
FOX News has to fight back, day after day, just to hang on to the advertisers that make the network commercially viable.
And what really sticks in my throat is the fact that Media Matters is a not-for-profit organization whose main purpose is to smash FOX News.
Its website is dedicated to getting FOX shut down and threatens FOX News advertisers with boycotts!
Yet because Media Matters has a special tax status as a “charitable” non-profit – you and I get to support its hate attacks.
You know me and my organization. As the CEO of, I have been working with a small band of conservatives to fight institutional stupidity and corruption for years.
Now it’s time to SAVE FOX NEWS.

We must stop the man behind the machine that props up the far Left and his attempt to destroy America as we know it.

We’re taking on multi-billionaire George Soros. Sadly, we don’t have his resources so we are asking great Americans like you to help us win.
I need to collect millions of EMERGENCY PETITIONS TO SAVE FOX NEWS to convince every FOX News advertiser what real America has to say about the censorship and bully-boy tactics of Media Matters, ultra-leftist billionaire Soros, the radical leftists who will do anything to win, and even the Obama government.
It’s way past time for them to hear from real Americans.
It’s not rocket science. A business must make money if it is to continue.
And for a news channel to make money it needs advertisers.
Without advertising money, FOX News will have to cut shows, fire our favorite hosts like Hannity, Kelly, and O’Reilly, reduce its expensive investigative programming… or even go off the air entirely!
So, it’s up to us to show the advertisers on FOX News that we — the viewers — form a massive market, and that ticking us off would be a really expensive mistake for every one of those advertisers.
That’s why your completed EMERGENCY PETITION TO SAVE FOX NEWS is so important right now.
Only if the Tea Party can collect a huge number of completed SAVE FOX NEWS PETITIONS, can we convince the advertisers to keep supporting the network.
Media Matters, Mr. Soros, and their massive and well-funded left wing attack machine think they won a great victory by bullying sponsors into pulling their advertising from the Glenn Beck Show.
And now with their hold on power in danger, they are vowing to kill FOX News forever!
But we must show them that we will NOT tolerate the loss of great broadcasters like Sean Hannity, Megyn Kelly, Neil Cavuto, Colonel Oliver North and Bill O’Reilly.
We must show them that millions of Americans love the fair and balanced broadcasting of FOX News and that we will vote with our wallets to protect this valuable news source.
I know this is an ambitious plan. But I also know if I have your support, it can work. That’s why I must ask you to complete your EMERGENCY PETITION TO SAVE FOX NEWS today, if possible.
And with your completed EMERGENCY PETITION I must ask you to include your best possible contribution to help the Tea Partyget its message out to every major business and advertising brand in the country:
We need FOX News!

As you know, the Tea Party receives no government funds, no massive corporate grants and, sadly, has no billionaire supporters.

We rely on patriots like you.

That’s why I must ask you to contribute as generously as you can. Your immediate gift is vitally important if we are to get this message out right across America.

Our bare-bones budget for this SAVE FOX NEWS project is just $57,680. And I must raise at least $27,200 of that within the next 14 days.
This is far, far less than what ultra-leftist billionaire George Soros will spend to bury FOX News forever!
If you can afford it, please send $2,000 or $1,500 or maybe $1,000 or $500, or $250 or $100, or even $50 or $35 or $25. Please make this your best possible gift. I must be able to commit resources immediately. But I can only do it with your support.
Please, complete your EMERGENCY PETITION TO SAVE FOX NEWS and your contribution right away. There’s no time to lose. Media Matters, billionaire George Soros, the liberal elites — even our own government! — are all working flat out to silence FOX News.
There is no way we can afford to lose FOX News. Let’s work together to keep fair and balanced reporting on our TVs!
Thank you for your support. I look forward to hearing from you very soon. God Bless America.
Yours in liberty,
Steve Eichler, CEO Tea Party/

P.S.- Please complete EMERGENCY PETITION TO SAVE FOX NEWS today. There’s not a moment to spare. We simply cannot afford to lose the only channel that doesn’t give us pre-digested liberal pap. Please work with me to collect millions of PETITIONS and prove to U.S. advertisers that supporting FOX News is in their — and our — best interest. Many thanks. Steve.
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