Monday, November 23, 2015

Bitter Obama Prepares To Go To War…With America

Barack Obama’s mood turned particular dark during his last day as a guest in Malaysia as remnants of news from the United States managed to bypass the protective barrier Valerie Jarrett maintains around him at all times. People are unhappy with his tepid tone regarding Islamic terror, and even more angry over Mr. Obama’s demand that thousands of Syrian refugees be granted access into the United States even as the latest Paris terrorist attack was carried out in part by radical Muslims posing as Syrian refugees.
The criticism has led to the abnormally thin-skinned Barack Obama to demand that Congress and the vast majority of the American people who oppose his Syrian refugee program, be ignored.
He is preparing to go to war – with America.

ABOVE: With the Islamic-influenced Malaysian flag as a backdrop, Barack Obama publicly lashed out at any and all who have criticized his response to ISIS and his oddly driven desire to allow thousands of Syrian refugees into the United States. Mr. Obama went so far as compare those who oppose his policies to terrorists.
The latest polling data shows nearly 70% of Americans do not support Barack Obama’s policy of admitting thousands of Syrian refugees into the country.
It is said the president is taking that overwhelming opposition very personally to the point of sulking and lashing out against the sycophantic staff whom Jarrett hand picked to surround him.
A trusted D.C. Whispers source had this to say on the subject:
“He (Obama) is very sensitive to the subject of his will being ignored. He wants to remain the center of political attention and is having an increasingly difficult time finding himself on the outside looking in. He’s a lame duck and he hates it. Nobody on the staff is allowed to discuss life after Obama. He doesn’t want to hear it and he is picking this fight primarily to keep himself in the spotlight, potential security threats be damned. The president doesn’t really care about those refugees. They are just a tool for him to create conflict, conflict that he then thinks the media will turn into something that makes him more and those who oppose him less. He is so isolated and removed from reality he doesn’t really have a clue about what is actually going on around him. That reporter (Attkisson) had it right. He doesn’t even read his security reviews. Jarrett filters out bad news. She hand picks items she knows will motivate him to do what she wants, like the Syrian refugee thing. That isn’t Barack Obama’s doing, it’s Valerie Jarrett’s.”

Shortly before leaving Malaysia, Barack Obama spat out several particularly petulant comments at the 70% of Americans who oppose his Syrian refugee policy, stating such people are helping to “do the work of terrorists” and suffering from bigotry.
So in essence, Mr. Obama is once again calling those who disagree with him racists, but in this case it is an accusation that envelopes the vast majority of the very country he represents as President – and he spoke those words while standing on foreign soil in a country whose official state religion is Islam.
The order has gone out from both Barack Obama and more importantly, Valerie Jarrett. The Mainstream Media has been notified. The Obama White House wants this war with Congress and the American people over the Syrian refugee issue.
Those thousands of Syrian refugees, regardless of potential ties to ISIS and/or other Islamic militant groups, are to be allowed into the United States.
Mr. Obama is now so determined to see this happen, he is preparing to go to war with America over it.


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