Monday, June 18, 2018

1. Contact YOUR Senator  and urge them to oppose AB 2943.

2. Contact Senators on the Appropriations Committee and urge them to oppose AB 2943.

3. Save the Date!  Friday, June 22nd citizens from all over CA will go visit their elected official in their district offices to let them know they oppose AB 2943.

4. Help us continue to battle this assault on our faith with a tax deductible donation today!
Save the Date

Your senator needs to hear from you. The most effective way to make an impact is for people to communicate their opposition to those elected to represent them. 
Ready to take action to stop this assault on free speech & religious freedom? 
Register at this link:
A step-by-step guide for the District Day of Action will be available soon. (We will be encouraging you to go into your own Senator's office in the district to ask them to oppose AB 2943). RSVP here to let us know that you will participate. 
What is AB 2943? 
AB 2943 prohibits individuals, whether a pastor, clergy, or licensed therapist, from: advertising sexual orientation change efforts, offering to engage in sexual orientation change efforts, and engaging in sexual orientation change efforts.

Under this bill, a person, an organization, including a church who is paid for goods or services cannot engage in any practice-including pure speech-that tells someone that they can overcome unwanted same-sex attraction or gender identity confusion.

Contrary to what proponents are claiming, AB 2943 bans the sale of books expressing Christian beliefs about sexual morality. It includes anyone who speaks or offers a book with regards to advertisement. Some examples of the books that would be banned under this legislation include: When Harry Became Sally: Responding to the Transgender Movement, By God's Design: Overcoming Same Sex Attraction, and The Complete Christian Guide to Understanding Homosexuality.

Alliance Defending Freedom (ADF) states, "At its core, AB 2943 outlaws speech, whether offered by a licensed counselor, a best-selling author, or even a minister or religious leader. It targets a specific message-that an adult who is experiencing unwanted same-sex attraction or gender identity confusion can find help to address those issues-for censorship. The breadth of this censorship is staggering. "

ADF goes on to say that under AB 2943:
  • A licensed counselor could not help a married mother of three who is experiencing unwanted attraction to a close female friend or confusion over her gender identity overcome those feelings;
  • A religious ministry could not hold a conference on maintaining sexual purity if the conference encourages attendees to avoid homosexual behavior;
  • A bookstore (including online bookstores like Amazon) could not sell many recently published books challenging gender identity ideology and advocating that these beliefs should be rejected by society; and
  • A pastor paid to speak at an event addressing current social topics could not encourage attendees that they can prevail over same-sex desires or feelings that they were born the wrong sex.

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