Friday, December 16, 2016

QUESTION – Should Illegal Immigrant Who Raped a 6-Year-Old Girl Be Executed?

Should an illegal immigrant who kidnapped and raped a six-year-old girl be executed? Many Americans outraged by the alleged actions of Edis Moya Alas think such a punishment is deserved.

Edis Moya Alas is a 35-year-old illegal immigrant from El Salvador. He is accused of kidnapping the six-year-old girl from her home and taking her through the woods and into a Fort Worth park where he then raped the child,
 Fox 4 News reports.
Texas police officers are still trying to figure out for sure if the illegal immigrant took the young girl from her house where she was sleeping on a couch or if she walked out of the house and crossed paths with Edis Moya Alas on Saturday morning.

Alas has been placed on an immigration hold. If he is released, he surely won’t be showing up for trial.
Deportation doesn’t work. We could ask Kate Steinle, Dominic Durden, Nikki Schermock, Joshua Wilkerson, Krikit Zepeda, Shayley Estes, Officer Kevin Will, Sergeant Brandon Mendoza, and far too many others about that, but they’re all dead at the hands of illegal immigrants.
The six-year-old rape victim’s mother said the illegal alien who raped her daughter is a complete stranger to the family. Just moments before the then missing girl was found, relatives, friends, and neighbors held a prayer vigil for the child’s safe return outside of her home.

Police officers were called to the Fort Worth park after a passerby heard a child screaming in the woods. When the officers arrived and called out to the frightened child, she immediately came running to them.

Edis Moya Alas was also ultimately found in the woods around Titus Park. He surrendered after being surrounded by local police officers.

The illegal immigrant was arrested on a drug charge two years ago. Why he was allowed to stay in this country or how he got back in still remain largely unclear.

What is clear is that this little girl and her family have suffered for our lax attitude towards illegal immigrants who commit crimes. This should not happen in America. Without secure borders, none of us are safe. What happened to this poor child is not just an isolated incident as the mainstream media would like us to believe.

The flow of illegal immigrants into the United States is about to end. After Donald Trump takes charge of the Oval Office, the murders and rapes committed at the hands of people who never should have been here in the first place are going to come to an end!

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