Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Black City Councilman Urges Blacks to Attack Police With Bricks, Rocks & Bottles-Sheriff Issues Warning to Thug Councilman

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This guy should be removed from office immediately. He’s a damned disgrace. In Jackson, Mississippi, City Councilman Kenneth Stokes urged voters in his district to attack police officers from other districts if they crossed the city limits of Jackson. He called for them to pelt the officers with bricks, rocks and bottles.
Sheriff Jim Johnson of Lee County did not take kindly to his incitement to violence against cops. “I can definitely tell you in Lee County that if any of my officers or myself are subjected to any type of harm in the way that Mr. Stokes said, not only are we going to look for the individual that did it, but I’m going after him as well.” Good for Sheriff Johnson, I hope he follows through on that because I have no doubt there are plenty of cop-haters and racists in the Black Lives Matter movement that reside in Jackson that are more than happy to get their violence on these days.

 From US Chronicle:

 Mississippi Sheriff Jim Johnson of Lee County had strong words for the city councilman, Kenneth Stokes, who urged his constituents to attack the police from other districts if they dared to cross into the city limits of Jackson.
Earlier, Stokes told reporters that he was unhappy that police officers were chasing the bad guys into his district where he claimed they didn’t belong. He urged local residents to pelt the police with rocks and bottles the next time they did so.
Stokes has since been asked about his comments to attack police officers and has fallen back to the tired argument that Americans have been hearing for the last seven years, and are sick of: It’s because the cops are racist.
Of course what Stokes reverted to was that the police are racist, which is the exact opposite of the truth. Stokes and his buds are the racist ones here. Since the inflammatory statements by Stokes, Sheriff Jim Johnson, who’s district is just a few hours north of Jackson city, said that he has never seen as much violence and hatred towards the police as he has seen in the recent months. Now multiply that in every major city across the nation and you begin to see what our boys and girls in blue are facing every day.

I have never heard a politician call for outright attacks and violence against the authorities until just now. Maybe I just wasn’t paying close enough attention. The Sheriff takes this seriously and he should. It sounds like the leadership of Jackson, Mississippi has declared war on police officers. That’s not going to end well for anyone. But I would admonish that city councilman to heed the Sheriff’s warning or he’ll be getting a visit he won’t soon forget.

source: FreedomDaily

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