Thursday, June 9, 2016

Vigilantes Down In Texas Are Locked And Loaded, Plan To Defend The US From Muslim Extremists [VIDEO]

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Checking out the source is usually more important than the actual story line being presented, and here’s is an excellent example of how a liberal media group like AJ+ cleverly manipulates its content without appearing to do so.

No doubt America is indeed at a tipping point however the sole individual responsible for setting that dangerous tone is President Obama himself, however nowhere within this 10-plus minute video was there a reference to the carnage created my radical Islam or the terrorist attacks in Paris, California and Brussels.

On the contrary, the video depicts Muslims as innocent victims being assaulted by a racist groups of Texans, dressed as a militia type group ominously firing their weapons and preparing for war. 

Obviously this group of armed Texans is stating publicly that they’re preparing themselves for any eventuality that radical Islam may attempt to inflict within their communities.
And although the female “journalist” attempts to paint a picture of crude and perhaps illiterate Texans and several clips of Donald Trump referencing closing the borders to migrating Muslims, in truth Muslims and only Muslims are responsible for the worldwide carnage taking place.

There’s no confusion that these Dallas Texans are taking the matter in their own hands claiming that they aren’t going to sit back and wait for “total jihad” to happen in America.

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