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Vladimír Železný for PL: Come to "poor" the Syrians and we will forward them to the full extent of what people in each EU country built for generations. Extremely dangerous

18.9. 2015 12:05
The former General Director of tv Nova, exposlanec of the European Parliament, journalist and businessman Vladimir Zelezny can really surprise you in many ways. Without the serviettes and mainly without the pathos in the first part of an interview for the URParlamentní thought of the problem that Europe has with migrants. "Europe is losing the struggle for its identity and its history," stresses to the iron. According to him, to be a major problem is that the people who come to us, they despise our sovereignty. "Podlézají our roadblocks, they have granted the right to use the European values and European prosperity, to which Europeans have invested after generations of work, effort, and the education of their children," mentions Iron, among other things.
Vladimír Železný pro PL: Přijdou "chudáci" Syřané a my jim předáme v plném rozsahu to, co v každé zemi EU lidé budovali po generace. Neobyčejně nebezpečné
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Label: Vladimír Železný
Close access to the President Milos Zeman to immigrants? The President had quite clearly demonstrate that the opening "doors of Europe" Muslim refugees is not just a good thing, an Islamic State compares with Nazism and the guarding of borders to immigrants. As for the influx of migrants to the Czech Republic, then the Squire left to hear that the Czech nation is certainly xenophobic when Muslims within its territory.
What to say? Perhaps it's just that I agree with everything interpretujete as opinion Miloš Zeman, as Europe loses its fundamental existential might clash. Giving up the values that built up over thousands of years and, not only that he does not even know, but fed his false lived sometimes journalists even the disaster still emotionally! Oh, how we are human! Also i have a three-year first and look at the body of the boy prone to utopeného of course me emotionally indifferent; It's just that our feelings did not hang on everything about immigrants, emotional blackmail. There is a whole series of questions, which are legitimate and which we should assist refugees coming, those, or migrants-is one thing, as we call it-consider. Which of you is the real war conflict and what percentage of you really comes from the affected area, that you have had with their small children and would risk during a long journey and a long escape the lives of their children?
You know, conflict, before which they flee, raises the stupid Obama's policies. He had decided that Bashar al-Assad will not be the President of Syria, as well as the leader of Libya Qaddafi is not. Neither one of them is not much of anything, but they could at least keep their countries outside the direct reach of the various radical Talibánů. Their weakening – and in the case of Gaddafi's brutal liquidation--then created a vacuum into which the Islamic State with its hinged Goons and popravčími. I therefore think that the parallel with Nazism, Milos Zeman here perfectly fits.
What are the feelings you are experiencing the development of the situation around the migrants in Europe? We can say that the situation is changing almost from hour to hour. Just this week, Germany because of the massive invasion of refugees temporarily introduced checks on the border with Austria and just shortly after Chancellor Merkel came with a generous offer of asylum for hundreds of thousands of refugees. Border control but also Austria and Slovakia. Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban said even considering a State of emergency. Don't you think that the European Union, the situation with the refugee wave getting out of hand?
But the problem is that those who come to us, they despise our sovereignty. Podlézají our roadblocks, they have granted the right to use the European values and European prosperity, to which Europeans have invested after generations of work, effort, and the education of their children. We want to live as the Germans ´! ´ So this phrase recently used one Syrian shortly after under the border road block. The sentence is very significant. We want to live as the Germans ´! ´ But the Germans, to live the way they live, so that for generations have invested. From the ruined stump-dotted, Germany after the second world war vykřesali the richest country with the highest environmental standard in Europe. But the Germans was a huge effort, tremendous hard work! And now here come the "paupers" Syrians from the area of the conflict and we're so that they hand over the humanitarian, to use the full extent of what in each EU country to build people for generations? But I'm for it to help those who are immediately at risk, but I think that economic migration is something that is extremely dangerous. Europe today is because of the paralysed, znehybněná, unable to defend their values and their children's future. By the way, the funeral of utopeného first showed that in the place where they lived, stability and peace. And I would put the question of those parents: you know what you're going to, you know, how dangerous is a cruise on those smuggling banana, with whom you are trying to get to Turkey, so why did you take such a trip? There, where you live, you have the peace of mind! Think about his responsibility for the death of his son! But the emotionally powerful photos of the children's bodies lying is always a very strong motive to stretch out his hand. Rozpřáhne-if this Europe hands, then extremely risks.
What other questions would you put migrants?
How many of you looking for economically a higher standard of your life? Through your hard work, limited or low, or in Europe, but will be impractical education obligations you tuned in Europe lived a living, you know? And why don't you go to the stable of Islamic countries such as Saudi Arabia or Egypt? There is peace of mind, so why neprcháte? Why are you running straight into Germany, where it is the highest standard of living, when it comes to saving a life? It should still be good for you! And how much of you is sent to Islamic State that hid behind the utečeneckou wave and easily penetrated to the heart of Europe, where he creates his sleeping cells, but once they get the command? Those questions a lot. But Europe, which has not yet stood in connection with the European common currency before a major problem soon will have to solve another equally thorny question. It's the answer that's similar to the common currency, is not the same nonsense and the Schengen border.
Where are you currently Europe rushing?
Europe loses the struggle for its identity and its history. And Germany's your problem with Islam zavařilo already a long time ago and that's when it was decided that opens the door for Turkish migrants and Turkish workers. I remember well how years ago, Joschka Fischer, the left-leaning green politician and Foreign Minister of Germany, said: the Turks, who come to us, they become the best of the Germans! Mistake. Today's German officer in Berlin or does not dare to enter the Turkish quarter. Of those powerhouses of immigrants ever becoming Germans, Turks, and stayed still whites of the Islamists. Everywhere, where there is a high percentage of Islam, so the Statistics say, how many girls are killed, murdered his own father or brother in the framework of the so-called killing of honor for that did not want to take it, who directed the family. Or that she dresses volnomyšlenkářsky, which simply does not allow family and, therefore, to kill her. They just violate the principle which the Aramaic says ´ dina de-malchuta dina ´. Therefore, the law of the host country is for me an ancestor of my law. It is the policy of the Talmud and the Jews are bound by it. The only group of migrants, which is the opposite of the principle ´ dina de-malchuta dina ´, are Muslims. You have exactly the opposite policy. Penetrates to a muslim in a country that is not Islamic, and where there is Islam, there is a vital his duties there on Islam to convert the country. It is irrevocable, the principle of which is religious not to leak. And the second rule says that a Muslim is his sacred duty is to call imámu to connect to the Jihad, fighting the enforcement of Islam around the world. These two principles cannot be cancelled and are based in the Islamic religious law that. On the contrary, for the Jews ´ dina de-malchuta dina ´ applies everywhere. In other words, it means that, where there are refugees, migrants, as there is for them to dominate their home law of the Jewish law. The Jews are from the year 70 a.d. actually migrants living in some of the host country and these Jews then respects the law of that country so much that it prevails over their Jewish internal laws. Therefore, the Jews were always nejloajálnějšími inhabitants. Even the Czechoslovak Jews who, when they went to the gas, so they sang the Czechoslovak anthem. And when the Russian Tsar to be told not to wear a pejzy, so it is not just the Jews. It is the Dina-dina de malchuta. I repeat that the only group of migrants, which is the opposite of the principle ´ dina de-malchuta dina ´, are Muslims.
But many argue that Muslims are peaceful in nature.
Can us a thousand times, to ensure that obamovsky are also good Muslims, and that it is also tolerant and moderate Islam. Their religious rule is a rule, and there is no escape from it.
A representative of the Muslim Union in the Czech Republic Mohamed Abbas even said some time ago that he would be with us in the future, Muslims wanted to follow Sharia.
So if anyone here at the supermarket, say, stole a package of sugar, so he had to chop off the hand? It directs the Sharia law. They simply do not apply the principle of ´ dina de-malchuta dina ´. Must comply with this policy, the Vietnamese talmudickou and exactly because the laws of our country, so with them is not in this sense, no problem. I repeat, however, that if someone comes from the Islamic countries, has two duties--to convert the country to Islam and join Jihad. So when the immigrants at a time of Great Britain, to fight for an Islamic State, and thus meet its essential religious duty only. And now imagine, how will the Christian Europe with its man-made habits and principles of civilisation, which holds over a thousand years, at the same time's these other principles, that is to be converted to Islam, and also that it will be sent to Europe, therefore, Jihad, the armed struggle in favour of enforcement of Islam around the world.
Do you think that politicians of the European Parliament are aware of this fact?
I think it's such a strange left-wing pseudohumanitární citovka. It's just emotionally used in the meaning of: "Oh, how we are good! Oh, how we are human! Oh, how we help them! " While immigrants have already converted a piece of Europe. There should be a German Munich-it's still going on, but worse it is Berlin, where, sheltered and is internally. There the Muslims do not respect the external world. But such islands in Europe is much more. As in France, in Great Britain, Manchester, Birmingham, and so on. These are islands, where Europe has its laws and principles and principles already penetration. She's there now might not even fit! There are enclaves which will be very difficult to interfere. Therefore, those who are in the new wave, they want mainly to Germany, France or Great Britain, because they know that the Islamic enclave is already rooted. They know that there will be completely halalový service, it means the food in accordance with religious rules, and that it's been run in there for them. Just that these are the countries that are already partially in terms of Islam dobytým territory.
As you look at the behavior of German Chancellor Angela Merkel, which gives a nakedly clear that Central European countries should be more active in the recruitment of migrants? In addition, when Merkel visited refugee centre-in Heidenau p ed three weeks ago-she said that Germany will help, where help is needed, but that Germany certainly will not tolerate those who challenge the dignity of other people.
Merkel, however, in these days and it's under pressure from the Bavarian part. But the problem with your question is contained in the fact that Merkel does not have what to tolerate or netolerovat, as it is the representative of only one of the EU countries. If something you like, or don't like it, so let it be expressed by a vote in the Council of the Union! No, we're not the protectorate of Bohemia and Moravia, we are full members of the Union, and we will decide according to our vital interests. Germany's zavařilo your problem since Joschka Fischer, as I have already said. I think, however, that Angela Merkel fundamentally threaten their political future begins, which happens mainly under the pressure of influential Bavarian part of the coalition. Indeed, just last week in Munich, through over 12 thousand of Muslims and those on the squares and-clad jetsetters lounge you don't yet know how many of them are in the framework of the Jihad fighters will become IS! I think that Merkel's position is unassailable her embarrassing stance on Islamic immigrants in Germany will be in the next two years to fundamentally change.

How do you build an immigrant crisis device of the EU, the European Commission and its Chief Juncker, or the European Council and the European Parliament?
The whole of the European Union currently does not work on the issue of immigrants as it does not work for a long time in the issue of the euro, or in the issue of Greece. Now on the wallpaper gets the Schengen area. It shows that the feeling that Germany were created, that it's all in the EU, perfectly tuned, is wrong. Remember how it fell out before the eight years ago, at the time of the signing of the Treaty of Lisbon, when it almost spoken about a joint Government, but at the same time it set like a House of cards. Under pressure from the euro, i.e. nonsense called the common currency, which does not allow the Member countries to move the currency by economic power, now comes the currently on a number of Schengen, i.e., open borders. And again, it's perfectly situated on it. The entire Schengen has one advantage-I'm about four seconds before on the other side. I would but calmly took a form of Schengen, which show a passport in hand and walk normal. However, I do not take the Schengen area, which allows us to here anyone anywhere flows.
Do you think that because of the Schengen area will end up?
I think it must be some kind of polohybridní the Schengen area. According to me is the need to encourage the central EU countries dramatically external border, thus here first. The whole problem is that as soon as I penetrate anywhere on the territory of any Member State of the EU, it is as if you were anywhere else. The first line of Defense but can not operate so that Hungary itself should finance the construction of wire roadblocks, there should be put immediately from the EU funds and there was already a few years ago to build the wall. It is the first line of Defense. At the same time then between Member countries, in particular in the direction in which the immigrants Act must remain certain measures on internal borders due to random checks. Now, however, shows that they will have to create a special military unit, which will track the movements of the smuggling ship.
Have you suggested it, but can you think that this is the beginning of the end of the European Union?
Of course Yes. But the end of the EU began with the Greek, Portuguese and Spanish. There, it started to break. Two years ago they were even from Angela Merkel, such tendencies, to countries outside the euro zone gave the Greeks the money. By the way, the big money, as Greece was given, so again from 82 percent of returns to German banks, which Greece would repay the loans. It is actually a German banking support to nekleklo under the pressure of what was once Greece napůjčovalo. The second issue is, of course, the Schengen area, which will be enough to unsettle the European Union considerably, but I think the first reason the euro is more severe degradation of the EU. Schengen rather erodes the civilizational values.
In addition, there is a danger here of the so-called. Islamic State. There is a map of the extent of the territory, which IS meant to: Africa, West Asia, southern Europe. How this ends?
Syria already because of this ceases to be a State. While the Americans are bombing to Syria, and now it connects and France, but to no avail. That would somehow diminished the territory IS, can't talk at all. On the contrary, there are flocking more and more candidates who want to fight in their ranks. The second obligation is thus a Muslim Jihad, to join the Jihad. The only ones who perhaps something here stops, maybe the Russians, because they now are building a new airport in the strategic area, which controls the airport, Assad and a number of their most modern tanks. Is the a very tough opponent, but it is for losers. The Russian intervention in Syria could at least delay the decomposition of Syria. Indeed, there is a risk that Syria will become three States – one will be an Islamic State, the second State will be alavitský, and the third will be the tiny remnants, which supports the Europe and the us, and where fights against Assad. Nejkurióznější of all, that American General and former Director of the CIA, David Petraeus, said that to defeat the al-Qaida uses IS, therefore, associated with al-Qaida fighters, which are the Warriors of al-Nusry. Isn't it strange, that should be in the game, al Qaeda, which fired into the air in New York, the twins and attacked the Pentagon?
We can say that we are already witnessing the geopolitical breakup of the Middle East?
Yes. As I said, so the disintegration of Syria is at the door. Then there is Iran and Hezbollah, and it is absolutely rozvařená the country. It started but all totally senseless war in Iraq, continued this disastrous policy towards Libya, which caused that Libya is now the strongest base for the whole of North Africa with access to Europe. There will therefore be to attack Islamic State in Europe. Gaddafi's held in the hands of hard, but we are there to finance and arm started to fight against him, because suddenly, Obama's, that he was unsympathetic, as well as Gadhafi Assad. But the Russians understand that Assad means stability. Saddam Hussein, Assad and Qaddafi although they were vejlupkové, but its territory held in the hands, hard to keep at Bay all the jihadists. Then there is Afghanistan and Pakistan, where it also has crumbled.
You can agree with the thesis that the Islamic State now has a plan to conquer Europe?
Of course, that the current wave is preparing to cast Europe! After all, they say, that Europe will be Islamic, that will be a part of the Caliphate, that it is a revenge for the reconquistu in Spain, where Maury edged out backward from the Iberian peninsula up to Morocco. They say that Europe is the Caliphate, but we are so tváříme that it's crap, that we are strong. We are not! He is there and we're rozleptaní!
But when EU officials not involved in the refugee crisis, as it should, so what do they do?
The EU is engaged in a vast range of needs, as will the taps stickers on goods, which will state that it is made in the West Bank. That's why, to the consumer, who does not like settler on the West Bank of the Jordan River, to decide whether it's to buy or not to buy the goods. While Israel is today the proximity to Europe, and it is the only capable country that helps to defend Europe against the onset of radical Islam. What's going on? When in this territory of Israeli produce butter and export it to the EU, so the butter will be a great sign, as is the box with cigarettes, that butter was constructed on the West Bank of the Jordan River. So the EU is now such a ptákovinou deals!
Guess those EU officials and MEPs in Europe behind their backs?
They really have no idea! The European Union is pathetic and when faced with ordinary attack or with ordinary everyday reality, so it now looks for pathos. "Dead baby on the beach." But I was a realist and closed, the father, and his mother died. At home, the boy survived and dug should be ballin'. But my pathetic nafoukneme this thing and therefore, we're opening the doors and arms and helping. What the EU can do. But when faced with a real and a hard problem, so it is absolutely helpless, because he needs anything consent 28 countries. Each of them has their own interests, what weighs on the Hungarians today, so again not worried at the moment, the Nordic countries.
Yes, those twenty-eight countries this week failed to agree on quotas. In the negotiations on quotas will continue, but this question will have to be split up to the EU summit.
If they fail to agree, so it is not yet a tragedy, because it can start the next stage, in which this problem with migrants can start to deal with otherwise. To be so, the Inca wall in Hungary. Then the refugees will have to vote. The EU, it should immediately respond by strenghtening the defenses of the Italian coast. For the money the EU. Then it would be necessary to support the Spaniards and then observe which way Europe will seep away. But euroúředníci instead of similar solutions to deal with the quotas, i.e., how many of them get sent to Finland and how many of them will remain in Germany. It's about the captain at station assignments will draw lots? I can't even imagine how the mechanism would, it is přerozdělovali. It will say: you're ´ family came from Syria, but in Finland it is a bit cold. Would you mind if you had half a year they were in the dark, because there is just a polar night? Or is imported in ´ in Portugal and there they offer makeshift housing, namely, tents, and then they wait? And what happens? For two hours in that tent will not foot because all over France will want to get back to Germany. It will be just a matter of two to three weeks, when the State will return to its original form. It is the Schengen area!
But the problem is how in connection with immigrants in the North of Europe arranged mafia clans, which often dealují the drug trade with white meat, etc. Balkan mafia, mafia, Pakistan Arab mafia. Dismal state is said to be in Denmark.
Yes, Denmark is in substantial decomposition due to the fact that there is already the Danes virtually not extensive structure, which is dependent on the function of the State apparatus. The country is in trouble, while Denmark is the only country of the EU, which currently does not recognize the citizenship of the EU. They are the only Danish citizens, not the citizens of the EU. Once this exception's negotiated. But this country due to Islamic wave takes away the worst. But I don't think that would necessarily have to grow this crime of which you spoke. The structure of Mafiózní are here about something less dangerous. The greater the danger I see in Islamization. The mafia will eventually learn how to paralyze, and it should be there to deploy spies, but no mechanism against Islamization is not. It's a deadly danger.
How in Europe and even in the Czech Republic probably will be immigrants nourish?
The works we have to be the Roma, who builds and play very well. But what will they do when they don't know the language of the Syrians, and many don't even have education on a European level, so I don't know. It may eventually come to an end, but even so, how they ended up so called. Palestinian refugees. You know, that to this day they live these Palestinian refugees of 1948 in Syria, Jordan, Lebanon, and they live there out of the money the United Nations? The UN gives them food and money, but many of them do not do anything, up to dig tunnels from Gaza into Israel. Already the third generation do not work and just sit.

How do you on the issue of immigrants leading Czech politicians?

I can't imagine the Czech politician who would bet on his political future in the sense that it said that quotas are a matter of course we accept and even on incoming we kind. This is nonsense. If you would bet on such a card, and even with regard to the elections, it could be in the next big trouble eventually backfire. Voters would plummet and then went as a politician in the dill. That Czech politicians, including the Socialists, who are otherwise you nejhumánnější and most also support EU action, mostly spoken in the sense of rejection of quotas, is their sebezáchovné gesture. Their response is very logical, as well as in Slovakia, where Robert Fico's its harsh stance on a very good comeback. Similarly, they are also the Polish politicians. But I actually don't know the country where a politician stood in front of their own residents-except Merkel-and told them that the immigrants we accept without pardonu and it still with a smile.

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