Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Veteran Sniper Pops 5 ISIS Terrorists In Just 3 Shots, Pulls It Off Under Intense Pressure To Save Civilians

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Every 1st grader knows that three from five, equals two! That just basic math and quite logical except if you’re a British Special Air Force sniper with only three bullets and five bad guys…then you defy math and rethink logic,  and that’s exactly what this unnamed military vet from the UK did!
He was about 2,600 feet away from an Islamic State bomb factory near Mosul, Iraq, when three men were seen leaving the factory in heavy coats, despite the warm weather, the men were hiding suicide vests.
According to reports the men were on their way to a nearby town where they planned to attack civilians.
However before they could get far, the sniper opened fire on one of the coated men, detonating his vest.
The explosion killed him along with two Islamic State guards, he then took a bead on the other two, shooting one in the head, and the other to the vest which exploded.
After the incident became public this British sniper was being hailed as a hero, although his identity is kept secret for obvious reasons, he was credited for potentially saving hundreds of innocent lives.
However it’s not everyday that three from five, equals zero…unless of course you have a little help from a suicide vest!

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