Priebus assailed Obama and Democratic frontrunner Hillary Clinton after evidence surfaced showing one of the attackers made an online pledge to an Islamic State leader. The FBI also announced that it would be investigating the attack as “an act of terrorism.”
Alex Wong/Getty Images
Alex Wong/Getty Images
“It’s now clear Wednesday’s tragic attack in San Bernardino was an act of radical Islamic terrorism with possible ties to ISIS. The fact Hillary Clinton and President Obama continue to exploit this situation to push for more restrictions on Americans’ Second Amendment rights is as deplorable as it is dangerous,” Priebus said in a statement. “Apparently the Democrat Party isn’t willing to let this ‘crisis go to waste,’ even if it means making it harder for Americans to protect themselves after terrorists again showed their ability to strike on U.S. soil.”
“Apparently the Democrat Party isn’t willing to let this ‘crisis go to waste.’”       
He continued, suggesting the attack is “another troubling reminder of how badly President Obama and the Democrat Party have handled the threat of radical Islamic terrorism and the rise of ISIS.”
“Just yesterday, President Obama said the United States was safe from an attack by ISIS – a statement Wednesday’s attack shows is completely misguided,” Priebus said. “The truth is, President Obama and Hillary Clinton underestimated the threat of ISIS from the very beginning and have supported a failed strategy ever since.”
“Warnings were ignored and now it appears the intelligence was being manipulated to satisfy political concerns,” he concluded. “In light of Wednesday’s attack, the picture this paints is truly alarming and shows President Obama, Hillary Clinton, and the Democrat Party as a whole cannot be trusted to keep America safe from radical Islamic terrorists.”
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