Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Muslim Attacks Jewish Rabbi… IMMEDIATELY Finds Out He Messed With The Wrong Jew

An insane Muslim man who shouted ‘swear to Allah’ as he tried to strangle a Jewish Rabbi outside a synagogue found out real quick that he picked the wrong Jews to go Jihad on!

The Daily Mail reports the Muslim man was screaming at the top of his lungs in the face of the rabbi, “Go back to Israel!” The scumbag also belligerently asked the Rabbi, “Do you want to swear to Allah” and “Do you think you can rule this land?”
The man, who was reportedly drunk and/or high on ‘ice’ at the time, had been walking with three others towards the nearby train station when he allegedly stole a child’s scooter from outside the synagogue.
He got into a verbal argument with several Jewish men who came out of the synagogue to question him over the alleged theft.
The man, who was wearing a red shirt, pair of board shorts and no shoes, then slapped one of them in the face after he was told to ‘talk nicely’.
The victim and another man quickly cornered him on the ramp of the synagogue and told him to settle down because the police were on their way.
‘You settle down right now. You’ve got booze inside of you, true or not?’ the Jewish Rabi said in the video.
The man was then caught on camera trying to grab hold of the Jewish man’s throat.
The group of men, dressed in religious attire, quickly tackled him and pinned his arms and legs to the concrete until police arrived a short time later.
Check out the video.

The crazed man was arrested and charged with theft, criminal damage and two counts of unlawful assault over the incident.

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