Thursday, December 3, 2015

How People Become Violent Terrorists

BY VV Cymbal 12/3/2015

The news outlets are either playing with us or are hopelessly ignorant of Islam. Muslims and others searching for meaning to their lives, are introduced to Islam as a religion of deep faith and a path to a more spiritual life. As they continue to listen and read about Islam they learn that Islam demands unquestioned adherence to Islamic dictates. They begin to accept that nothing matters except adherence to the dictates of the Koran. Any love of nation, relatives, or anything other than Allah, is a violation of Islam. They become devout Muslims yearning to do more to prove their devotion to Islam. Islam besieges its followers to “resist” the enemies of Islam. Resist in this context means search out the non-believers, infidels, and kill them. They believe that this act will gain them favor with Allah. So, the more devout to Islam they become, the more they are likely to commit acts of terror without encouragement form ISIS or other such groups. When they start out these people do not seem to have a blood lust to kill. But to them, murdering infidels is the ultimate show of devotion to Islam.

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