Sunday, December 6, 2015

Don't let CAIR or some other Muslim Dool you.

There is no chance for coexistence between Islam and the Western World.  Islam is an ideology conjured up amidst ridicule, deceit, and mistrust, by a profit pretender, suffering from bouts of confusion and fits.  Being rejected by most, Mohammed became bitter and developed a hatred for those who would not believe.  This convened him that those refusing to submit to Islam must be dealt with harshly.  From the very beginning Mohamed’s followers have pillaged and plundered, raped and murdered across the Middle East.  That is how the world was introduced to Islam and that legacy continues today.  It is impossible to slander anything as evil as Islam.  Telling the truth is not slander, but there is nothing nice one can say about Islam.  One can only lie and confuse the people about Islam and that is what Obama has been doing and will continue to do as long as three is breath left in him.

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