Thursday, December 14, 2017

Alabama Election Officials Found 5,329 More Dead Folks Who Voted For Jone


Trump Voters Shocked After Watching This Leaked Video 

As you have probably heard, some blacks care so much about democracy that they openly planned to stack the vote against Roy Moore in Alabama by committing voter fraud on a massive scale.

A Reddit thread tells “African Americans in Mississippi” to “make a short trip to Alabama” and vote for Doug Jones. Well, that’s apparently what happened according to State Election Integrity Board president Carl Williams.

“We’ll start in Selma then move to Birmingham and blanket the state from there,” the post reads. Unfortunately for this gang of would-be interferers, they aren’t that smart and failed to consider that publicly posting plans like this in advance will just get you busted. Apparently the idea was popular because people from two other states joined them.

“Authorities apprehended 27 African-American men and women loaded onto a bus at their very first stop at Warsaw Middle School in Selma,” Williams told the Bloomfield Press. “Every single one of them will be charged with a crime for attempting to interfere with the election.”

Authorities say that the group had an itinerary plotted that had them stopping at numerous “majority white areas” in an attempt to swing the vote for Roy Moore, whom they say is a racist child molester because everyone Democrats don’t like is a racist child molester (even the President!).

Each of the men and women face up to three years in prison. Selma Police Chief Santiago Swearinger says that a full list of names of those arrested is “forthcoming.”

This is what Democrats do: if they can’t win, they cheat. Fortunately they’re laughably bad at it.

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