Sunday, September 24, 2017

phone numbers to the NFL sponsors main corporate offices

Here are the phone numbers to the NFL sponsors main corporate offices. Give them a call and let them know how you feel as a patriot!!
Corporate Phone Numbers for NFL Sponsors
Let them know if you agree or disagree that players are disrespectful during the playing of our National Anthem.
PepsiCo 800-433-2562
Visa 800-847-2911
Campbell’s Soup 800-257-8443
FedEx 800-463-3339
Mars Snackfood 908-850-1753
Dairy Management Inc. 847-803-2000
Bridgestone Tire 904-779-8300
Procter & Gamble 513-983-1100
Verizon 212-395-1000
Barclays 212-526-7000
Papa John’s 513-737-3506
Castrol 888-227-8765
Anheuser-Busch 314-577-2000
USAA 800-531-8722
Bose 800-999-2673
Marriot 301-380-3000
Microsoft 813-281-3900
Lenovo 866-968-4465
SAP 610-661-1000
Zebra Technologies 846-634-6700
TD Ameritrade 800-237-8692
Extreme Networks 888-257-3000
Nationwide Insurance 800-882-2822
Hyundai 800-633-5151
Dannon 914-872-8400

Bridget Larosa


  1. Mars Snackfood number goes to a private residence who is not pleased!

  2. As I look down the list, I see lots of numbers that are not 800 type. These are going to be wrong. Who is responsible for this list?

  3. So GOOGLE the numbers of the corporate offices and share please! Instead of just complaining, offer a solution. If the number doesn't appear correct, then look it up and share.