Monday, August 15, 2016

DISGUSTING! Thugs Set White Grandmother on FIRE… Story IGNORED After Suspects Arrested Because of This.

 Three worthless scumbag losers were arrested in Meriwether County, Georgia, for breaking into the home of an 83-year-old grandmother, beating her viciously, robbery, and SETTING HER ON FIRE!!!
set their grandma on fire 
 Justin Grady, Cortavious Heard, and Shanquavious Cameron
 The three perpetrators broke into her home, attacked her while she was sleeping, demanded money (she didn’t have any), and left her with two broken arms and set her on fire.
The grandmother did some quick thinking and remembered that her breathing machine has about a gallon of water attached to it. She crawled over to it, while on fire and with broken bones, and used that water to put out the fire on her.
These three degenerates don’t deserve to live anywhere but a prison. They need to be locked up and have the key thrown away forever. How they can do this to a grandmother in her bed? They are inhumane pigs!

I thought robbing old people was the easy crime! Why would three guys need to beat an old woman like this? Just hold her down for a second and take whatever you want. There’s NO reason to harm a grandma during a robbery. This woman was 83 years old and already asleep. There was no need to break her bones, bash her face, and light her on fire. The three perps must have a very deep rooted mental illness of your own.

Only a sick, disgusting, awful person would do that just to steal a few dollars.

If you can’t rob an old lady who’s asleep, without beating her nearly to death and lighting her on fire, then you’re just a very sad and sick individual. Just take the items and get out. Run far away and don’t hurt anyone. She can replace money or items, but there’s no need for her to spend time in a hospital because degenerate robbers don’t want to get a job or a life.
I’d like to know where Black Lives Matter is and how they’re going to react to this.

If I did this to Shaun King’s and DeRay McKesson’s grandmothers, then how would they feel?

They should be glad I’m not a scumbag like Justin Grady, Cortavious Heard, and Shanquavious Cameron, because I would not ever harm an innocent person like that.
This is why we can’t have nice things, but it’s also why people need lifetime sentences.

Dorothy Dow - fighter and survivor. 
Dorothy Dow – fighter and survivor.

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