Thursday, January 7, 2016

Why the left goes Muslim

In a fascinating display, left-wing “documentarian” Michael Moore hoists a sign outside Trump Tower in New York declaring “We are all Muslim” and calling Donald Trump a “wuss” and a “fraidy-cat.”

Funny, I’ve never seen Moore hold a sign in solidarity with Syrian Christians or with persecuted Christians generally, or with, say, Israelis killed in suicide-bomber attacks by Islamist jihadists.
It isn’t just Michael Moore. A “Hug a Muslim” campaign has been embraced by leftists from Bernie Sanders to indoctrinated students at our nation’s sprawling mass of monolithically left-wing universities.

I’m sure any moment now students at Columbia University will launch a “Hug a baker” campaign for the Baptist grandma being sued for not catering a same-sex wedding that violates her religious beliefs. That will be quickly followed by “Hug a florist” and “Hug a photographer” campaigns. And our nation’s apostles of “tolerance” and “diversity” surely would not neglect a “Hug Kim Davis” effort. That one should catch like wildfire from Berkeley to Boston.

Or here’s one for liberals: How about a campaign decrying Planned Parenthood’s baby-parts business? “We are all unborn babies.” That slogan would have the beauty of being more accurate. After all, we were all unborn babies.  Sure, when hell freezes over.

All of this is puzzling. I never knew that the left loved Islam so much. What’s up?
Well, the fact is that these mightily sentimental “progressives” don’t love Islam at all. Secular liberals reject everything fundamentalist Islam professes.

But there’s something liberals hate more, and that they enjoy hating more, and that they can happily hate in public with no fear of bodily harm for expressing that hatred. It is conservatism. And for the left, every day is open season on conservatism.

One of the most insightful statements ever made about the left was James Burnham’s trenchant observation that “for the left, the preferred enemy is always to the right.”

Indeed it is. And that’s what’s yet again on display by Michael Moore and his pals on the university front. So long as they are denouncing someone on the right, they are pleased with themselves, even if it means defending an Islamic faith that they agree with on nothing, and which they’d privately denounce as oppressive, misogynistic and homophobic.

How do liberals imagine they and their sacred cows would fare under the laws of Islam? How do they think Muslims would feel about their zeal for same-sex marriage? About their pro-abortion feminism? How many gender-ideology departments are there in colleges in the Islamic world? How many “LGBT Studies” programs are flourishing in Saudi Arabia and Iran?

Yes, guys and gals, the Islamists would just love you. Open your arms wide
Truth be told, as an orthodox Roman Catholic I can find more commonality with Muslims than can a modern secular progressive. Muslims and I believe in a Creator who has established certain eternal absolutes that are not ours to tinker with. The secular progressive does not. Sure, there’s just as much where Muslims and I utterly disagree, but I venture to say that the chasms between secular progressives and Muslims are far more irreconcilable.

But for Michael Moore and his leftist comrades, conservative Christians are easy targets. They turn the other cheek. They will not be literally targeting Michael Moore. He can call a Christian a “wuss” or “fraidy-cat” all he wants, with no fear.

So, Michael Moore carries a sign for Islam? Of course he does.

All that matters to leftists is that they take down Donald Trump and anyone else on the right. That’s always the preferred enemy.


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