Sunday, January 10, 2016

Muslim Welfare Moocher Refuses To Take Off Headscarf In Court – Judges Reaction Is Brutal And Swift

Actually, I cannot remove my scarf.”
“Since long years I’m wearing my scarf.”
Rania El Alloul
Welfare Refugee Rat and Muslim Immigrant to Canada
“Long years I’ve been ruling this courtroom. Get out.” Those may as well have been the words directed at Rania El Alloul, by Judge Eliana Marengo (Quebec). When told that, “The courtroom is a secular place and a secular space,” and to take off the Hajib in order to be heard, the welfare chick, Rania, refused.

Judge Marengo was not profiling the Muslim woman, rather she was being consistent with appropriate dress code, be it religious or not—hat, sunglasses, or Hajib.

Rania is now playing the “I need a safe place,” and the “I am Muslim hear me roar,” game-card.
“What happened in the court made me afraid. I felt that I’m not Canadian anymore.”
Wrong dearie. You are very much like your Canadian neighbors. You get about as much special treatment as them.  NONE.

You are an immigrant. You are also on the dole.

If you want to be treated like an equal, then do this thing called get a job, get off welfare, integrate and assimilate into your new homeland.

Wear your hajib wherever you want and can—legally. Respect the rules of dress where you can’t.

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