Friday, January 15, 2016

Christian Dentist Sued By Former Employees…The Reason Why Is RIDICULOUS!!!


A Christian dentist in Lake Orion, Michigan is being sued by four former employees who claim the dentist discriminated against them by playing Christian music in the office.

Tina Marshall’s employees claim they reprimanded or fired for objecting to music and open prayer meeting for the staff.

“We were all on edge. We were trying to be nice to the patients and do good dental work, but she kept forcing the music and her beliefs on us. Several patients questioned the music, and I turned it off and turned on the TV. So I was ‘disobedient,’” Nancy Kordus, a former dental assistant said.
Marshall’s lawyer, Keith Jablonski, told The Washington Post that Marshall is “being attacked in this lawsuit for her Christian beliefs, based solely on her desire to play religious music and radio stations in the dental office of the business that she owns.”

Jablonski says the former employees allegations are baseless and prejudice against Marshall’s Christian faith.

“We believe that when the facts, and not baseless allegations, are presented to a jury, we will establish that this group of former disgruntled employees are simply looking to profit off of their own prejudices towards Dr. Marshall and her Christian faith,” he said.

“Dr. Marshall flatly denies engaging in any discriminatory employment practices,” he added.
Christian Dentist Sued By Former Employees...The Reason Why Is RIDICULOUS!!!
Christian Dentist Sued By Former Employees...The Reason Why Is RIDICULOUS!!!
(Office staff, former employees not pictured)

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