Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Put America First

We helped the Muslims get rid of the Soviet Union occupation and what did we get for it? Four plane loads of our people being incinerated as two took out the World Trade towers, one slammed into the Pentagon, and one is a grave in a field. Almost 3,000 people died. We got in the middle of the strife in the former Yugoslavia and all sides now hate us. We liberated Kuwait from a despot and they cannot wait for us to get the hell out of there. Why does our government insist on helping out the wrong side? The Egyptian dictator was just about the only one helping to keep a somewhat truce with Israel. Now every country that helped to restrain terrorism to one degree or another is now in danger of being totally controlled by people who really hate us. These people are attacking us abroad and the home front.

America is under attack by one enemy that is both foreign and domestic. This is the enemy that attacked our military barracks around the world, held embassy employees hostage, blew up caf├ęs frequented by overseas Americans, killed our sailors on board ships in foreign ports, and many other such atrocities. This same enemy killed almost 3,000 in New York, the pentagon, and the passengers in an airborne America plane. This enemy killed 13 people on a military post in this country and made many attempts to bomb crowded area in America. The one common denominator in all these events is the cry “Allah-uh Akbar”, the last expression of those who attack Americans and others just before their evil deed. This cry tells all, the reason for the attacks. It is the ideology of a barbaric seventh century mind set teachings of Muhammad.

It is time for our government to put America first. Stop sending foreign aid to countries that hate us. Stop spending money on wars that end with us having more enemies. Stop wasting the lives of our brave men and women. Stop worshiping at the altar of a Global Government. Stop putting the needs and wants of foreigners ahead of the many Americans that need a hand up. Just put America first.

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