Thursday, December 11, 2008

Islam is not compatible with the rest of the world

I see very little hope for Islam and the rest of the world to get along. First of all non-secular Islamic regimes are run by Sharia Law. Sharia Law leaves no wiggle room for reformists and governs with strict interpretation of the Koran. In the past any candidate with any reform ideas has been disqualified from any election by the religious leaders (Iran is an example).

Second are two edicts in the Koran. Islam is dedicated to create a World Caliphate ruling the world with Sharia Law that does not allow any opposition. The meaning of Islam is to submit. This means that one becomes a Muslim or accepts dhimmitude. Although the Koran expects Muslims to be truthful with each other it is a different story when dealing with Infidels. According to the Koran it is almost mandatory to lei and use deceit when dealing with Infidels if there is an advantage to Islam to do so. This destroys the creditability of the “moderates”.

Third is that a bad Muslim does not follow the Koran and a good Muslim does.

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