Friday, February 12, 2016

Indigo Ribbon Justice Project

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This is our heartwarming launch ad, stay tuned for our next video including real life victims of abuse that use our program to heal and create!!
The Indigo Justice Project was created to bring awareness to the evils of child abuse and the horrors of a severely broken foster care and justice system.

What makes us stand out is that we are children raising awareness for children ( with adult assistance of course!) 

The Indigo Justice Collection is a collection of clothing that are all one of a kind pieces designed by students of The Melo Youth Runway Project, home of The Indigo Justice Project (Registered Non-Profits) located in Lincoln, Rhode Island. They are taught under the direction of the highly skilled and educated Tina B. Melo.

The donations/proceeds from this project will go to help victims of child abuse find a healing outlet through creativity. They can come to Tina’s studio and be safe and free to express their creativity through fashion and art. The funds assist in purchasing the must have sewing machines, trims, materials, as well as keeping educated and dedicated staff working with the increasing amount of victims that are currently enrolling in this first ever type of program.  We currently are working on making their dreams come true by them being able to walk on as many runways in 2016 as we can get them too, including but not limited to CT and NY Fashion Weeks, but the cost of of all of this needs to come from the community that believes no child should be ABUSED!  We can not do this alone, and need everyone’s support. It's an amazing what we call "ministry" and I am so blessed to be a part of it. Tina B Melo, myself and a few others dedicated to the cause have partnered together to fight for the children who cannot fight or speak for themselves. Not only will they learn fashion design and more of the arts hands on, they will also have the opportunity to be seen on runways everywhere wearing pieces from The Indigo Justice Collection and be the shining star that they all truly are, but were never given the opportunity before now to let the light of life shine on them! Their pieces then will be offered up for sale, imagine believing in a cause and being able to show everyone from the clothing that you wear! Fashion is a voice that cannot be ignored!

      Not only are we bringing awareness; but we are working towards a safe haven for all victims of abuse, young and old. A place where these precious souls can be themselves and work on finding themselves and be safe, to come to receive healing and restoration, and learn to live again, not just exist but truly LIVE! 

     Melo Project Runway (non-profit) launches in 2016 " From The Outside In" and " The Indigo Justice Collection" with awareness being raised through using fashion as our voice and allowing these young desugners and models to grace runways, raise awreness, produce informational fliers, purchase necessary equipment and make dreams come true while letting the world know you are NEVER too YOUNG or too OLD to make a difference and make a stance!

      The Melo Project Runway For Youth has empowered hundred of children, teens and adults through art and fashion design. Founded in 2011, the program mirrors an educational Montessori infused curriculum that expands on and challenges their individual talents, interests, and passions for the arts, fashion design, and social enterprise.


  1. At this time I am not promoting this story, just published it. I an not familiar with Indigo Ribbon Justice Project. Do your own research before yo donate to any organization.

  2. They can google Indigo Justice Collection to find out more
    Thank you Valimir Val

  3. We have come a long way since we first launched